Caterham 620R and KTM Superbike Hot-Lap Battle on Rain-Soaked Track

The classic battle of four wheels versus two.

When Auto Express couldn’t get hold of a KTM X-Bow to duke it out on the track with the very tasty Caterham Seven 620R, the British publication used a KTM Super Duke R 1290 instead. Dubbed “The Beast” by the Austrian firm, the superbike has a 1,300 cc 180-hp engine and weighs just 188 kg. The Caterham Seven 620R is the most powerful road-going car the British marque has ever built, boasting a 2.0-liter supercharged Ford Duratec engine good for 310 hp that delivers a kick-in-the-back 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds and top speed of 155 mph.

In the interest of parity, the Caterham had to do a donut at the start, and a couple of obstacles on the rain-soaked Blyton Park track keeps things interesting. Get ready for drifting and wheelies galore.

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