Caterham Adds A Dash Of Retro Goodness To The Seven 160

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The 'Sprint' tag might be a tad out of place, though.

At first glance, the launch of a new 'retro' Caterham Seven is a bit of an odd one. After all, the basic shape of the car hasn't changed all that much since it was first introduced as the Lotus Seven in the 1950s, so the lightweight track-ready vehicle was already a 'retro' car. Still, we'll let Caterham off on this one, as the result of this homage to sports cars from a bygone era has resulted in what's being officially dubbed as the 'Seven Sprint.'

Even though the 'Sprint' name might not be the most appropriate name for this special edition (it's based on the Seven 160, so the sole engine available is a three-cylinder Suzuki unit with a mere 80-hp), the rest of the package is quite pleasant. The only six paint options are all inspired by popular shades used by British carmakers in their heyday, the wheels are topped off with polished hub caps, and the luggage cubby spots are lined with carpet (for a Seven, that's pretty much the equivalent of shagpile yarn in a Rolls-Royce). One little detail that many may overlook, though, is the chassis' powder-coating finish that's identical to what can be seen on a Series 2 Lotus Eleven.

All of this, on top of other fixtures like a revised 'oOOo' dashboard gauge layout, do come at a price: at 27,995 GBP (over $37,000 at current exchange rates), the Caterham Seven Sprint is roughly 6,000 GBP more expensive than a like-for-like Seven 160 S - or nigh-on 12,000 GBP, if you opt for the most basic model and decide to build the car yourself. For sure, as only 60 will ever be made, the Caterham Seven Sprint will be a very rare sight, but there's just no way we can justify spending that much money on a Caterham Seven 160 when the only major bits your extra dosh is getting you are cosmetic upgrades. We love the Seven 160, Caterham, but even we draw a line at spending that much money on one!

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