Caterham-Alpine Sports Cars Coming in 2016

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These two mid-engined two-seaters could potentially be game changers in their segment.

After a bit of quiet, we're now getting an update on the progress of the new Caterham and Alpine co-developed sports cars. The two-seaters, set to arrive in 2016, will see one badged as a Caterham while the other as the reborn Renault Alpine. Each will have unique body designs and interiors. The differences will continue under the skin as well. Despite each car having the same engine and power outputs, traits such as tuning, handling, and steering characteristics will be unique for each car.


The all-new Renault-supplied engine will produce an output of somewhere between 250 to 300 horsepower. All told, each car will tip the scales at around 2,425 lbs. thanks to extensive use of body aluminum. Expect for Caterham to produce about 3,000 units a year, which is a huge increase for the niche brand. Both the Alpine and Caterham will be built alongside each other at a Renault factory. More than likely, neither car will be sold in the US.

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