Caterham F1 and QPR Footballers Hoon and Score PKs


Caterham is finding new ways to market their well-regarded Formula One team.

Caterham has teamed up with English football team Queens Park Rangers in a new marketing effort for their Formula One racing team. Drivers Heikki Kovalainen and Vitaly Petrov met up with former France and Liverpool striker Djibril Cisse and defender Clint Hill to attempt a few penalty kicks by drifting the racer into a ball. The stunt was performed at QPR's training ground while the players were subject to a bit of Caterham's Drive Experience training.

Cisse said of the event that "It was a great experience. I'm a big fan of cars, so it was great to get behind the wheel with Heikki. The ability these drivers have is incredible and it was great to see the way they handle the cars."

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Of the successful stunt, QPR player of the season last year said "Wow, what an experience. You see these guys throwing an F1 car around on the TV but it's only when you're sitting next to them that it becomes real. They have unbelievable control behind the wheel and the ability both Heikki and Vitaly had to flip the front end to send the ball into the net was just incredible."