Caterham F1 Team In Deep Crisis, Factory Shut Down

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In addition to the crisis of being dead last in points, naturally.

The saga of the sale of Caterham's Formula 1 team keeps getting weirder, and increasing the possibility of completely killing off the team. The deal was reached a few months ago to sell the team and a new management team was appointed. But now management is threatening to walk out because ownership hasn't actually been transferred, which team boss Tony Fernandes says is because the new owners haven't actually paid for it yet.

Making matters worse is the claim by the administrator of Caterham Sports Limited, the factory which supplies cars and components to the team, that the team has been using his facilities without having paid for them. So the factory has now been shut down, and even though we're reaching the end of the F1 season, this is the kind of thing that could kill the team. So far as we know, this move will not prevent you from being able to buy one of Caterham's updates of the Lotus 7, but it is certainly a terrible to be happening to the company name no matter what.

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