Caterham has Big Plans for the Near Future


Let's just hope it won't forget its track car past as a new expansion plan takes effect.

UK automaker Caterham may be known as the builder of the super-lightweight 7 Roadster, but it's now clear that will be changing. Last week it introduced the AeroSeven Concept, a preview of a new extreme roadster that will hopefully enter production in 2014. But as it turns out, the company has even more extensive expansion plans that that. Caterham chairman Tony Fernandes recently reconfirmed his intention to turn the niche brand into a globally recognized name with a presence in several markets.

This concept is the first of many new models to come out of Caterham," Fernandes stated. But don't think Caterham is going to go mainstream as he reiterated that "the plan is really very simple: to keep the Caterham heritage – the fun, the speed, the lightweight philosophy - and produce new cars over the next five years, using our F1 team as a brand for bringing Caterham to a much bigger audience than it has been traditionally." What if Caterham were to build something like a city car? Would that tarnish its reputation? We'll have to see what transpires in the coming years.

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