Caterham Leaves Caterham

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British sportscar company forced to leave its historic home to make way for a retirement complex.

Ever wonder how Caterham got its name? The constructor of the old Seven picked up its handle from the town in which it got its start, setting up shop four decades ago in Caterham, England. But now it's been evicted, forcing it to sever ties with its namesake city, the site of its first factory and its flagship showroom. The location in the center of town was first used as Caterham's principal factory in 1973. Caterham has long since moved its production to a larger location in Dartford, but the old factory was kept as a dealership to handle sales.

Now, however, the government has reportedly approved plans to turn the location into a retirement home. The showroom is being moved to nearby Three Bridges outside Crawley until Caterham can find a new location. While the news may be sad for nostalgic anglophiles, Caterham is looking at the future. These days it's got an F1 team, a track car it builds with Lola (or was until Lola declared bankruptcy, anyway) and has a new partnership with Renault's Alpine project to build a new supercar. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say.

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