Caterham Seven Rolling Off to China

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Caterham is stepping up production for imports to China.

The international importing company Courtenay Trading International (CTI) has signed themselves an exclusive deal with Caterham. They want to import the Caterham Seven into China and sell them through six dealers. CTI expects between 30 and 50 Sevens to be sold in their first year of operation. The Caterham Seven is a more modern version of the old-school classic Lotus. The carmaker's other trims will also go on sale in the Far East, including the Roadsport 120 and 175, the Superlight 120 and the CSR 175.

Caterham International Business Manager David Ridley said, from AutoEvoluton: "We are engaged in one of the most exciting new chapters in the Caterham Cars story and our entry into the Chinese market is another tangible sign of how Caterham is striving to become a truly global brand." The English automaker sees their relationship with CTI as a channel to produce and export some of their newer models. One such case is their sports prototype that debuted this past January at the Autosport International Show. The Caterham-Lola SP/300.R could be on its way this year, with plans to produce 25 of the 300hp units.

The Brits have already received 14 requests for the lightweight racer. Caterham has been in the Far Easterern Market for years, with their largest presence being in Japan. The move to China represents their desire for expansion into new markets. The first open-wheel Seven racers are scheduled to arrive in China by January of next year.

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