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Caught in a Stolen Ferrari? Steal it Back From Police Impound Lot

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This guy really got attached to his 458 Spider.

A Los Angeles man named Earnie Hooks pleaded not guilty to charges of recently stealing a black Ferrari 458 Spider. This could just be another day in the supercar-infused city, but Hooks' case is quite unusual. This man got so attached to his stolen property, that he actually tried to steal it back a second time. From the police, no less. Hooks was first stopped at a drunken driving checkpoint, where the officers discovered the car had been reported stolen.

Responding like anyone would, he drove away and abandoned the car. But then, probably worried about how his baby was being treated in the impound lot, Hooks returned at 3 am the next morning and stole it again. He managed to enjoy the Ferrari for five more days before being arrested near his Studio City home behind the wheel of his beloved stolen supercar.

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