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Caution! Your Chevrolet Cruze Could Catch Fire After A Rollover

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Nearly 112,000 Chevrolet Cruzes are being recalled in the US over fears they could burst into flames after a rollover.

Being in a crash that causes a car to rollover is a nightmare scenario. But imagine if the car then catches on fire afterwards, potentially trapping you inside the overturned vehicle. Nobody wants to be in that situation, which is why General Motors has issued a recall for certain Chevrolet Cruze models. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, specific examples of the Chevy Cruze could leak fuel and potentially start a fire in the event of a rear-end collision that results in a rollover.

Luckily, the problem only affects a relatively small portion of available models – specifically LS trim models built between November 9, 2015, and May 1, 2018. It also only affects Cruzes with gasoline engines and tire-inflator kits instead of spare tires. 111,966 models are believed to be affected in the US. To fix the issue, General Motors believes installing a lock-ring on the fuel tank should prevent the fuel-tank vapor sensor from being damaged in a rear-impact collision and stop fuel from leaking out and potentially causing a fire. Fortunately, no fuel leaks, injuries, or deaths have been reported.

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The problem was discovered during internal crash testing on a pre-production 2019 Cruze when a liquid leak was above the maximum level allowed to meet federal safety standards. An investigation concluded that vapor pressure sensors attached to the fuel tanks may contact the rear floor panels in affected models. Chevrolet is still waiting for the required parts to be available before starting the recall. Once available, affected owners will be contacted to arrange a trip to their nearest dealer to have the lock-ring installed.