Cayman is Better than a 911?

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Almost immediately after its 2005 introduction, the comparisons began. Is the Cayman capable of outperforming the 911? Porsche has always maintained that the 911 is their flagship, but with the Cayman having all of the qualities of the Boxster in place and with a fixed roof, the question rises whether this car has the ability to outperform its big brother. With a base price starting at $52,300, the Cayman certainly has the price advantage over the 911.

Now that the PDK dual-clutch transmission is available, its true performance potential is beginning to show. It already handles extremely well on both the road and track and rumors persist that a special lightweight version - similar to the Boxster Spyder - is on the way. With 45% front, 55% rear weight distribution, the Cayman may just be the most pure successor to the original 911 from 1963. Let's hope that Porsche squeezes every bit of performance potential out of it.

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