CCG customGT Officially Presented

USA made and finely tuned in Germany, the customGT has a nice blend of American muscle and European finesse.

Head of CCG Automotive Tom Gerards has finally realized his dream of building his very own TUV approved supercar for the streets of Germany. The rear-wheel drive customGT is based on a powder-coated tubular space frame with a body made from either carbon-fiber or fiberglass reinforced composites. A 7.0-liter Corvette V8 power plant produces 550hp and 446lb-ft of torque via a manual 6-speed transmission and a sports-exhaust system with 4 end pipes.

Alternatively a 6.0-liter V8 that delivers 450hp and 413lb-ft of torque can be fitted with 0-62mph times of 3.3 seconds for the more powerful version and 3.5 seconds for the 6.0-liter. Top speeds vary between 177mph and 199mph. Upon request, further power of up to 740hp can be achieved via turbocharging plus a sequential gearbox is also being provided. The CCG customGT has a starting price of 113,500 Euros.

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