Cement Truck Flattens BMW i8, Proves Just How Safe The Sexy Sports Car Is

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Good looks, great performance and it's tough as nails.

A BMW i8 and a cement truck were absolutely destroyed after a four-car accident in Newport Beach, California. According to The Orange County Register, 49-year-old James Andrew Case was behind the wheel of the cement truck when he swerved to avoid morning traffic that had backed up on a freeway off-ramp. As he swerved he struck a curb and bounded over a dirt shoulder before continuing out of control onto an adjacent street. That's where the truck tipped over and crushed this BMW i8.

A gardening truck was also hit and a driver trying to avoid the mess ended up slamming into the overturned truck. Three people were hospitalized but luckily no one was killed. The BMW i8, while utterly destroyed, proved just how safe it is once again. A few weeks ago we saw photos of another i8 involved in an awful crash, and just like in this incident the occupants survived. We hate seeing i8s wrecked like this but it's nice to know they're safe as hell, in addition to being so sporty and sexy.

Source Credits: www.ocregister.com

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