CEO of Poland's Arrinera Automotive Responds to Scam Allegations

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The Polish firm's CEO makes some strong counter arguments.

Last week we published a story about a potential case of fraud regarding the upcoming Polish supercar, the Arrinera. Built by Arrinera Automotive, the supposed fraud was revealed by a Polish journalist who claimed that the car's builder was deceiving potential investors. He presented visual evidence (which he compiled) showing that they took a Lamborghini replica and combined it with components from older cars such as an Opel Corsa and Audi A6. The end result was the Arrinera.

Now, the company's CEO, Lukasz Tomkiewicz, has addressed those allegations in an email sent to us and several other automotive publications. The email is too long for us to publish, but here are some of the main parts. The first point he makes is that the Arrinera supercar "was built independently and entirely by Arrinera Automotive, S.A"....and that it will "have a revamped design, definitely more organical, masculine, aerodynamic and streamlined" in June/July 2012. He also clearly states that the rolling chassis of the final version is being prepared by Lee Noble.

In addition, he points out that Arrinera Automotive S.A. is the "only manufacturer of the supercar - not Veno S.A and that Arrinera Automotive S.A. did not make its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange." Veno S.A. simply possesses shares of the company but does not take part in any day to day works. Tomkiewicz further points out that the prototype was designed by one of his employees and that only components taken from the Opel were the air vents. To make a point that it's not unusual to use components recycled, those vents were also used in the Noble M600 and the Zenvo ST1.

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The A/C panel used in the prototype was in fact taken from an Audi A6, but the production version of the Arrinera will have its own unique panel and that Audi does not even produce its own A/C panels; they're made by suppliers. He goes on further to address the allegations and stated a couple of times that his company will be suing the journalist, a one Jacek Balkan, due to "this false information." We'll continue covering this story and we're interested to see whether Balkan will continue to make those claims now that Arrinera Automotive has responded in full force.


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