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Certified Used Volvos To Receive Unlimited Mile Warranty

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Talk about confidence in your own product.

Volvo is so confident of its older cars general reliability and quality that it has just announced an unlimited-mileage warranty program, though it's for certified pre-owned vehicles only. Called Certified by Volvo, the program can also be customized to the customer's needs. The Swedish luxury brand further said coverage can be extended by up to eight years from a car's original in-service date. So, how does a used Volvo become certified in order to qualify?

Each potential Volvo must be inspected to very high standards by a factory trained technician and pass a 170+ inspection process. The Volvos in question will also be screened to make sure their titles and vehicle history meet company standards.

This will be done, in part, with a Carfax vehicle history report. But here's the main thing any Volvo owner needs to know in order to even think about qualifying for the program: the vehicles must be five years or newer with less than 80,000 miles. Sounds reasonable enough, but Volvos are widely known for being able to last on the road for years, such as the 1966 Volvo P1800 that's been driven by its sole owner over 3 million miles.

"Certified by Volvo provides immense advantages to us as an organization," said Rick Bryant, Vice President of Sales Operations, Volvo Car USA. "Our internal data indicates that 60%+ of these buyers are new to the brand and interestingly, are every bit as loyal as our new car buyers. In short, Certified by Volvo is one of the key strategic imperatives critical to our long-term growth."

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The new Certified by Volvo program joins the Care by Volvo subscription plan. This car-sharing service, which costs $600 per month, is mainly geared towards a younger crowd. For now, the only vehicle offered is the XC40 small crossover. Volvo understands it's still essential to properly take care of its existing and older customers, as well as their cars. The 3 million-mile P1800, however, does not qualify.