CFD's Insane 1000HP Audi RS6 Is A Snow Pummeling Monster

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And has a turbo made from gold.

Carbonfiber Dynamics (CFD) has just released new photos of its incredible Audi RS6 DTM from its much hyped day out in the snow, in anticipation of the car's appearance at the Essen Motor Show later this year. The awesome "RS6 DTM Project" was initiated by Swedish freestyle skier Jon Olsson and participated in the 2015 Gumball 3000 Rally. The heavily modified Audi has an awesome wide body-style design, features tons of carbon-fiber body pieces and is also stocked with a full array of winter sports equipment.

In addition to its awesome look, the engine has been tuned to crank out an insane 1000 horsepower thanks in part to an 18-karat gold coated TTE9XX Turbocharger and STM Stage 3 tuning kit. Fans of this incredible custom Audi can get a closer look of the car in Germany this coming December.

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