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Every gearhead has their favorite car movie, and most of those chosen as favorites come from the late 60's or early 70's. 1971 in particular was the kind of year gearheads can only wish would come again. This is the year that saw the releases of Le Mans, Two Lane Blacktop, The French Connection and my personal favorite Vanishing Point. The movie has no shortage of fans, but the one we're excited about is a Dodge dealer in New Willington, Pennsylvania.

He has made a Kowalski Edition out of the 2011 392 Challenger by ordering them in Bright White (obviously) with a stripe delete, Dark Slate SRT seats, 20-inch aluminum wheels and a wood grain Hurst Pistol Grip shifter. All of the custom decals you would expect are included as well, and since only ten will be made, they will also get a numbered plaque. All ten have already been spoken for, but you just might come across one of them on the highway somewhere between Denver and San Francisco. Watch for bulldozers.

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