Challenger Demon Tries To Exorcise Its Evil Spirits By Drifting Through Pittsburgh

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Turn up the volume and try not to get too excited if you know what we mean.

Pennzoil, a longtime fan of yellow-painted cars drifting around the arctic, Vipers tearing it up around the city and generally proving why the model line didn't deserve the executioner's axe, or Jeep Wranglers tuned for a Baja race clearing desert shrubbery, would like to get inside the cars of your wildest dreams. There it hopes to keep them lubricated so they can endure whatever comes their way, like a sub ten second quarter mile run or an exorcism.

The latter of those two things is what Pennzoil attempts to do for the Demon by means of letting its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 snarl and scream its evil spirits out through the tailpipe, but for a car possessed with 840 horsepower and a will to kill, that feat proves too difficult.

It's not for lack of trying that the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon keeps its demons within. Even with a violent run through a desolate and gothic-looking Pittsburgh, touched off by pulling off one of the Demon's legendary 2.3-second rushes from 0-60 mph, Dodge's satan spawn can't rid itself of its bad juju. It breaks glass and spills oil during its mad dash where it tries to use its drag strip-optimized hardware and plenty of tire smoke in order to outrun its own bad intentions. Futile as its pursuit of sanity may be, we're at least treated to one of the sweetest-sounding bouts of manic insanity on record. Turn upon the volume and enjoy.

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