Challenger Hellcat Destroys Driveshaft Trying To Take Down Model S P100D

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Losing is bad. A loss that makes you need to visit the mechanic is worse.

By now it's clear that if you try and race the Tesla Model S with anything but another Tesla, you're going to have a bad time. Challengers, literally in two senses, still try to take on the electric sedan at the drag strip all the time. Perhaps it's just to see firsthand how awe-inspiring the Model S is through a quarter mile. The last time we saw a Dodge Challenger Hellcat try to take down a Model S P100D the result was surprising in that the muscle car wasn't totally annihilated. In this video it's a different and much sadder story.

YouTuber Tesla Racing Channel lined up against a Challenger Hellcat wearing drag radials. Instead of executing a smooth launch the Challenger driver ended up executing his driveshaft.

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The poor guy ended up having to get the car pushed off the drag strip. At the end of the video you can see it sitting on a flat-bed tow truck. You'd think Tesla Racing Channel might gloat over the Hellcat owner's fail, but the opposite appears to be true. In the video description he mentions how he hopes the Hellcat owner will fix the wounded cat with tougher parts and be back out on the drag strip soon.

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