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A customized, supercharged, widebody Dodge Challenger SRT8? Yes, please.

We don't think it's possible for anyone not to respect the Dodge Challenger. And like its muscle car rivals, the Challenger is also a favorite among aftermarket tuners. Ultimate Auto, based in Orlando, Florida, has just released specs and photos of its latest project, a widebody and supercharged Challenger SRT8. In order to give the car a look all its own and something unique to the tuner, the talented design team built a complete set of composite body panels and re-skinned the entire side of the car with a two-tone finish.

Another addition is the new front bumper with an updated design. There's even a clear plexiglass window on the hood that allows for the Magnacharger supercharger to be visible. The matte charcoal Savini forged wheels mandated wider fenders, which were incorporated into the enhanced bodywork. Another interesting touch are the hidden electric door handles. The rear bumper is also a custom piece, surrounding the massive center exhaust tip.

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