Challenger SRT8 Races a Helicopter

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An unusual competition between two very different forms of transportation. Yes, events like this should happen way more often.

There's little question that the Dodge Challenger - especially in SRT8 trim with the 392 Hemi under hood - is a monstrously fast car. But is it faster than a helicopter? It's a question few have asked, but we're glad someone has set out to answer it, pitting the Pentastar musclecar against a McDonnell Douglass MD500. It's a matchup as good as any we've seen in recent memory, and we've seen everything from F1 cars and motorcycles to Corvettes, Ferraris and Bugattis dragging it out against fighter jets.

Previous showdowns have been pretty equally matched between aircraft and automobile, so the outcome of this race is anyone's guess. You'll just have to watch for yourself to find out. (And don't miss the bonus race at the end.)

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