Chances Are The McLaren Speedtail Will Look Something Like This


Only a few days ago did McLaren make the official announcement that the next installment of its Ultimate Series will be the Speedtail, formerly known by its codename, BP23. Limited to a mere 106 examples, the Speedtail will evoke something very unique and special from McLaren's past: the three-seat cockpit configuration made iconic by the F1 road car. But unlike past McLarens, the Speedtail is being described as a hyper-GT, the first of its kind in the world. What is a hyper-GT, at least according to McLaren? A luxury GT with a top speed in excess of 243 mph. No wonder McLaren had no problem selling all planned examples for a starting price of 1.6 million British pounds a pop.

So far, McLaren has only released a few Speedtail sketches and accompanying video, so we only have a relatively brief idea what it'll look like, but one thing is guaranteed: it will be long and sleek, as this rendered image, courtesy of Allcar News via Instagram, indicates.

Like the side view teaser image, this rendered example features an elongated rear end. Unlike the Senna, the Speedtail is all about style and luxury. It is "flowing and streamlined," as described by McLaren design chief Rob Melville. The Senna, by contrast, is purely focused on downforce and the ultimate track experience. Also unlike the Senna, the Speedtail will be powered by a gasoline-electric-hybrid setup; the Senna is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8.

McLaren has released a few so-called "spy shots" of the Speedtail in prototype form, but the body shell here more closely resembles the current 720S. The main indicator it's not a 720S is the central driver's seat. And because the Speedtail will be incredibly special and rare, all 106 examples will be customized to buyer's requests, meaning McLaren Special Operations (MSO) will be directly involved with each car to varying degrees.

This rendered image and the teasers provided by McLaren are all we have at the moment regarding the Speedtail's design, but all questions will be answered when it is officially unveiled this October.

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