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Chances Are This Is What Tesla Will Call Its Pickup Truck

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Elon Musk loves to tease on Twitter.

Tesla's upcoming pickup truck has the potential to be a segment game-changer. Automakers like Ford and Chevy are already preparing for the upcoming assault by developing all-electric full-size pickup trucks of their own. (Ford's massive investment in Rivian was done for a reason, after all.) Tesla CEO Elon Musk has even said the pickup truck is perhaps the new vehicle he is looking forward to the most. But the big test will be whether Tesla can win over both long-time truck buyers as well as first-timers – and Musk has apparently begun dropping some not-so0subtle hints as to what the truck could be called.

It definitely won't be the 'Model T' because Ford would never, ever allow that. Ford even stopped Tesla from using Model E, which became the Model 3 instead.

So what could this new EV truck be called? A couple of days ago Musk tweeted some bee Emojis with the caption "all you can." (Get it?) He then tweeted the image, shown below, highlighting the difference between a British Bee and a US Bee (stick). Soon after, an anonymous source going by the handle "Steve Jobs Ghost" posted to Twitter the Tesla pickup truck will be called the Model B.

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If that is indeed the name, Tesla's entire future lineup would be the following: B S3XY R. Make sense? If you were to take the future semi-truck into account, it would be B Semi S3XY R. This is a prime example of Musk's sense of humor.

Expected to go on sale in 2021, the Tesla pickup truck will reportedly have a starting price just under $50,000, which would make it competitive against Detroit's offerings. No official reveal date has been announced but if that 2021 target remains in place then we'll definitely be seeing the production version sometime in 2020.