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Chances Are You've Never Seen A Camaro Do This Before

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Then again, it's not your typical old Camaro.

Classical Chevrolet Camaro fans may not approve of this project, but whatever. Sometimes a certain car project is just begging to be done and, well, someone needs to step up and make it happen. This Camaro is actually built on an H1 Hummer chassis and is powered by a turbocharged and nitrous-injected LS V8 engine with a total of 650 insane horsepower. The Camaro body itself cost just $50. All told, it cost its creator less than $10,000 and just 30 days to put it all together and it’s been causing plenty of mayhem ever since.

You just gotta watch this thing in action in the following video below to fully appreciate the relatively little time and money investment. It was all totally worth it. Doing donuts through the mud has never been a more gratifying experience, we’re sure.

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And to be perfectly honest, we need more out-of-the-box thinking car project builders like this guy. This H1-Camaro beast is not only creative but it’s a brilliant idea. Chances are, both the unused chassis and Camaro body would have sat and collected dust at best, or been sent to the crusher at worst. Why not make the most of them both?

And fortunately, there are tons of both OEM and aftermarket parts out there for obviously not a whole lot of money for builders to work with. Not everything necessarily has to be fabricated. For example, because the Hummer chassis utilizes the same portal axles at both ends, there are aftermarket kits available to add a hydraulic-ram rear steer.

And there’s this thing’s name, ‘The Honky Donk.’ It’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. So very little dough and some time and patience for part scavenging through junkyards, a wild and crazy (and nitrous-injected!) home project like this is totally possible. Have fun out there. And be safe, of course.