Changing A Lamborghini's Oil Isn't Much Easier Than A Bugatti's

Car Maintenance

Nobody ever said owning a supercar was cheap or easy.

Adding oil to your car is not only necessary, but it's also (usually) pretty easy. Changing the oil, on the other hand, can be a bit of a job on just about any car. That much more so on a supercar, with its oversized, highly stressed engine mounted deep within its bowels. But just how complicated are we talking here?

Leave it to Jesse Tang to show us. He's the fleet manager at Royalty Exotic Cars – a supercar rental company in Las Vegas, so he has to perform regular maintenance on some pretty high-end machinery.

A few weeks back, Jesse showed us what it takes to change the oil on a Bugatti Veyron – a process for which authorized dealers charge over $20,000. And not without good reasons, either... even if one of those reasons is that Bugatti owners are typically insanely wealthy.

So is it any easier on a Lamborghini? A little, maybe. But not by a lot. You're still looking at taking off the floor pan, and pulling out a filter that isn't exactly easy to access – especially on a Huracan Spyder like this one (with Alaskan plates for some reason).

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It takes a good eight or nine quarts of the black stuff – high-end, high-performance motor oil – to keep that high-revving 5.2-liter V10 running smooth. Fortunately the mechanic/host buys the oil by the barrel, and he seems to know what he's doing. Because taking it into the dealership for the routine service would cost a good $1,000, and the manufacturer recommends replacing the oil and filter once a year.