Charging A Tesla More Expensive Than Filling A Car With Gas

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So much for electricity being cheaper than gasoline.

The age of the electric car is upon us, and with it comes the promise of vehicles that won't harm the environment, while being cheaper to run than traditional gas-powered alternatives. Tesla has been at the forefront of the EV market with cars such as the blistering Model S, and affordable Model 3 spearheading the California-based company's crusade into the world of gas-burners. Last year the company celebrated the fact that it now had 15,000 supercharger stations across the globe. This expansion is great for mobility, but as owners in Australia have found out, driving a Tesla is not necessarily cheaper than owning a gas-powered car.

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According to Which Car, the recent price increase to use fast-charging Tesla Superchargers, and incorrect range predictions have made Tesla's claims unfounded. According to the Tesla Australia website, the cost of running a Model 3 is around $5, while rivaling gasoline-powered cars will cost around $9 to run. Those calculations have been proven to be false. The amount of electricity the Tesla Model 3 uses, the cost of electricity, and the price of gas in the country all varied from the figures provided on the website. Recent increase means that users will now pay 40 cents per kilowatt-hour, up from around 30 cents. This means that the Model 3, which consumes 18.8kWh/100km according to verified government figures, will cost about $7 when using a Supercharger.

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To run a rivaling BMW 330i in Australia will cost owners only $5,83, making it significantly cheaper. The Tesla website also overestimates the amount of fuel used by the BMW, and it turns out that the BMW is 18 percent cheaper on fuel than the Tesla is to recharge. Electric cars cost more than their gas-powered rivals, but their appeal lies in the fact that they are cheap to run. Tesla might be losing the war it was so confident in winning.

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