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Charlie Sheen is Still Winning in a Fiat - Now With Mermaids

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Charlie Sheen + Mermaids + a tropical island = topless Mermaids.

Fiat employed self-declared winner, tiger blood drinker and all-around lunatic Charlie Sheen to help promote the Abarth 500 over a year ago. He made a commercial showing him partying it up with the car (and women) while under house arrest. The Abarth 500 was also promoted in his TV series, "Anger Management". And now Sheen is back with a new commercial promoting the Abarth 500C, along with a pair of mermaids. You can imagine where it goes from here.

To be perfectly honest, it's actually a damn decent commercial, especially when compared to so many other dumb TV ads. Maybe a little tiger blood isn't so bad after all.

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