Charlie Sheen's Mustang Up For Charity Auction

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An excellent piece of machinery with an epic former owner is now up for auction.

Among the previous owners of this 1966 Mustang, which has been extensively modified with parts developed for NASCAR, is a Mr. Carlos Estevez, a man who is reputed to occasionally engage in what he refers to as "epic behavior". The modifications include a 358cui Winston Cup engine, Wilwood brakes and a whole new suspension setup. The total cost of this setup, incuding the price of the car, is said to be $300,000, although that does seem a bit high.

The car is now being auctioned to benefit C5LA, an organization which helps eighth- through twelfth-graders to make good decisions for the future. Sounds like a good cause to us. The bidding is currently at $100,000 and is open until November 17th. Mr. Estevez for those who are unfamiliar, is generally better known by his stage name, Charlie Sheen.

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