Charlize Theron Is The Hottest Villain Ever In The Upcoming 'Furious 8'

And she's standing next to guns. Big ones.

Back in April it was announced that Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron had joined the cast of the now in production "Furious 8." Kind of a surprise move considering the “Fast and Furious” franchise isn’t exactly associated with being an Oscar-worthy production, despite Vin Diesel’s beliefs otherwise. Anyway, the F. Gary Gray-directed film will see Theron cast as the so-called "greatest adversary" for Dominic Toretto’s crew. Then again, we thought Jason Statham was a pretty bad ass bad guy.

Although "Furious 8" is still in production, like locations including Cuba and Cleveland, Ohio, the studio has released the first official photo of Theron in character as "Cipher." She’s standing next to guns and wearing a Metallica t-shirt. Because of those two factors alone, we’ll definitely have to see "Furious 8" when it premieres on April 14, 2017.

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