Charred Miura Could Survive

A Lamborghini Miura SV burned to a crisp could potentially be rebuilt thanks to its chassis surviving the fiery inferno.

Back in April, an ultra-rare 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV caught fire in central London likely due to bad wiring, a common issue in the classic supercar. The owner could have but didn’t replace the wiring in time and the charred remains of his Miura were the result. According to Jalopnik, if he had also kept the fire extinguisher inside the car and had not removed it, things could have turned out differently as well. Miuras are worth millions now and it appeared at the time that this one was finished.

It turns out that may not entirely be the case as this Miura’s chassis is still intact with its original numbers. This means that, theoretically, the car could be rebuilt. With only 150 Miura SVs, finding parts will be both expensive and difficult. Many parts will likely have to be fabricated from scratch.

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