'Chasing Classic Cars' Makes its Season Debut

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If only we could all do this for a living.

Whether you like classic cars, restoration projects, or even tuners, it's the story behind these machines that grabs our attention. Like any other antique and vintage item, the best classic cars have a history and story that's just waiting to be told. There's also always that one car that's been sitting in a barn or rundown garage that's in dire need of a proper restoration in order to bring it back to its former glory. This is where master car restorer Wayne Carini steps into the picture.

As host of "Chasing Classic Cars", Carini goes to great to depths to uncover these treasures that only true gearheads lust after. He attends numerous car shows and has his own restoration shop, Carini Carrozzeria.

The new season of his show has just premiered on Velocity and as classic car lovers ourselves, we envy Carini's adventures. We've included the trailer for the new season along with a short clip of Carini doing some shopping. If only life were always this much fun.

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