Cheat Codes Let Ford Maverick Owners Hack Their Instrument Clusters

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The Engineering Test mode hides several functions and interesting tidbits.

A Ford Maverick owner has discovered a way to hack the instrument cluster, allowing them to unearth plenty of information about the vehicle.

First reported on by The Drive, the trick was first discovered back in 2021 when an owner posted about it on the Maverick Truck Club forum. The "Engineering Test" mode enables technicians to check vehicle data. Getting to the hidden menu requires a series of inputs but is well worth it for owners who want to understand their compact trucks on a deeper level.

For hybrid models, this includes the engine rpm. Owners of the electrified Maverick have previously bemoaned the lack of a tachometer, so this is rather nifty if you feel the need to monitor your engine speed. Other nifty functions include a color test and an analog gauge sweep test.

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The secret computer mode also has a more accurate engine temperature, as opposed to the digital gauge that uses bars to display this important information. Furthermore, owners can use the test mode to adjust their fuel economy to be more realistic.

Numerous individuals have said the Maverick's gas mileage is optimistic, overshooting the actual figure by as much as 2 mpg. By adjusting the AFE bias, owners can get a more realistic readout and plan their refuels and road trips with greater accuracy.

So how does one access this secret mode? All you have to do is hold down the "OK" button on the steering wheel and fire up the engine at the same time. Shortly afterward, a green "ET" light should show up on the display. Some have said the doors need to be locked and the driver's seatbelt needs to be on for this to work.


While the mode doesn't allow you to do much, there are a few handy features (like the rev counter) that will prove useful. The Maverick community is a fiercely loyal bunch, and having access to information like this is worth its weight in gold to owners.

Some owners have already swapped out their analog instrument clusters for fully digital gauges, with one owner sourcing an OEM part from an Escape SUV. We wonder if the "Engineering Test" mode will work in this case. If not, it could cause a headache for dealership technicians.

A flotilla of accessories is available for the compact truck. This appeals to consumers who want something affordable, practical, and still desirable. It's no wonder the Maverick has become an integral part of Ford's lineup and recently bested the competition in the all-important sales race.


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