Cheating Wives Make Men Do Crazy Stuff to Cars

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Well, it could have been a lot worse.

We do not condone the wanton destruction of perfectly good automobiles. But we do understand how a cheating spouse could make you go bat shit crazy. It's just a shame to see these tormented souls taking their frustrations out on their innocent cars. These videos show just a couple of the crazy things which husbands are capable of doing with cars when they catch their wives cheating on them, or trying to cheat on them. We're sure there are many more out there yet to be discovered.

This first video shows a reaction to actually catching the wife in the act, and we can probably all agree that this wasn't the most calculated of reactions. For a more devious deliberate act, continue to the next page.

This guy, who found his wife's online dating profile open on her computer, will have a harder time using the heat of the moment defense. Just the same, we're still on his side with this one.

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