Check Out Bugatti's Newly Redesigned German Showroom

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Over 1,000 square feet of Bugatti everything in Hamburg.

The next time you're in Hamburg, Germany, there's someplace else you need to visit aside from the lovely harbor and the many museums. It's the newly redesigned Bugatti showroom, which encompasses just over 1,000 square feet of floor space. The Hamburg showroom, as it turns out, is Bugatti's fourth dealership in Germany and 12th in Europe. All told, there are 34 Bugatti showrooms in 17 countries, which is a pretty solid number considering there's just one new Bugatti model currently for sale.

Kamps in Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG, Bugatti's sales partner in Hamburg, has been an official Bugatti dealer since 2009. Since the Chiron's launch, it's taken an impressive 10 orders. As for the new showroom itself, it focuses on Bugatti's brand values of "Art, Forme, Technique." There's also inspiration from Bugatti HQ, located in Molsheim, France, such as the heritage section. This includes three wall-mounted steles (stone figures) that each represent one of those values. There's also a luxurious lounge area, complete with furniture from Bugatti's own Home Collection that was designed specifically for showroom use (as opposed to, uh, home use?).

The armchairs, for example, are made from leather and blue carbon fiber, and require the same complex processing used in the production of the Chiron's interior. Welcome to the world of Bugatti, where nothing is done on the cheap. Not even its dealerships.

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