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Check Out Jay Leno's Custom Lincoln Navigator

SEMA 2018 / 1 Comment

The standard Black Label sport-ute wasn't special enough for Leno.

We're almost afraid to ask how many cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other miscellaneous vehicles Jay Leno has in his garage. But whatever the number is, the talk-show host and noted car collector can now add one more in the form of this custom Lincoln Navigator.

Currently on display on Jay Leno's Garage Advanced Vehicle Care show stand at SEMA is this one-of-a-kind, long-wheelbase Navigator Black Label that was built just for him, to his own specifications, by California mega-dealer Galpin Motors, created "under the direction" of the Lincoln Design Studio. And it looks pretty slick.

Leno's latest Lincoln is done up in Chroma Crystal Blue with the Yacht Club interior theme offered under the automaker's Black Label scheme, with two-tone blue leather – perfect for the famous denim enthusiast. But those were just the starting points.

This one-off features a two-tone exterior paintjob, the standard blueish silver offset by a black roof and other accents. It also wears tinted glass, dark-chrome accents, and its own set of wheels. And inside (along with backlit sill plates) there's even more leather trim than comes standard from the factory in Louisville, Kentucky, where Ford makes its Navigators, Expeditions, and Super Duty pickups.

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"Lincoln is always about quiet confidence," said the brand's chief designer Earl Lucas. "It's not about being ostentatious. At Lincoln, we always seduce, never attack. These changes just show possibilities – they simply serve to highlight what's already there."

Once the SEMA show closes tomorrow, Leno will take his custom Navigator back home to his famous garage, where it will join the unrestored single-owner '66 Continental he recently acquired. "As an automotive enthusiast and historian, I've been a fan of Lincoln ever since Edsel Ford created the Continental," added Jay. "Edsel had a reputation for creating iconic and timeless designs."