Check Out The 2021 Ford Bronco's Cool Fastback Soft Top

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It hasn't been seen... until now.

The 2021 Ford Bronco was one of the most highly anticipated all-new vehicles of 2020. Despite the recently announced delivery delay until next summer, Bronco customers continue to place preorders at a consistent pace. What's more, there appear to be additional features the Blue Oval has yet to officially unveil.

The Bronco6G forum has just posted an image showing the Bronco's fastback soft top bed cover for the first time on a pre-production prototype. Up until now, Ford has only shown us the hardtop. The soft top's existence was long-rumored because the angled rear roof buttresses provide an ideal fit.

Rear Angle View Ford

Chances are, the soft top will be offered as an accessory, one of the hundreds that Bronco customers will have available in a dedicated catalog. This also means the top probably will not be available directly from the factory. How much it'll cost remains unknown for now. Examining the single image further, notice the angle in which the rear section slopes down towards the taillights. This angle differs between the two- and four-door models, meaning the soft top design will be different for each.

Will there be a fastback soft top for the two-door? That's a mystery for now.

Side View Ford
Top View Ford
Surround-View Camera Ford

Ford has shown a sincere willingness to listen to Bronco customers' preferences over the past few months. The carmaker recently announced a seven-speed manual transmission will now be available for the Sasquatch package due to high demand. Originally, the 10-speed automatic was the sole gearbox. Customer input is vital for the Bronco's long-term success. Jeep is another brand that has a long-standing relationship with buyers regarding the Wrangler. The off-road community is committed and close-knit, a fact Ford and Jeep are keenly aware of.

If the fastback soft-top turns out to be for the four-door model only but two-door enthusiasts speak up, Ford could very well change its mind. Making your voices heard pays off.

Central Console Ford
Front Seats Ford
Front View Driving Ford
Side View Driving Ford
Source Credits: Bronco6G

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