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Check Out The 992 Porsche 911 Turbo's Rear End

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Porsche does one thing very well: keep the 911 looking and performing great generation after the generation.

If there's one thing Porsche knows best, it's how to keep an iconic vehicle fresh over the span of multiple generations without changing what makes it so great. That's a much harder feat to accomplish than it seems because safety regulations, emissions standards, customer preferences, and new technologies all place evolutionary pressures on models that usually mean later generations look and feel much different than the cars on which they are based.

But time and time again Stuttgart's engineers have proved their genius by revamping the 911 - making subtle tweaks that wring out more performance, adhere to new safety and emissions standards, and keep the car from looking dated - without changing the magical driving style that makes the 911 one of the world's most famous sports cars. That holds over on the latest 992-generation 911. Except that car has one big problem: the fact that it's currently only offered in Carrera S and Carrera 4S Coupe and Cabriolet variants.

That leaves some of the most hardcore 911s, like the GT3 RS and Turbo, stuck using the 991-generation car as a foundation. We've already spotted an example of the 992 911 Turbo thanks to a leak on social media, but we have yet to see the full reveal. J.B. Cars, an Instagram page dedicated to rendering models that don't quite exist, was apparently not happy with that fact and decided to render the 992 911 Turbo for us.

The image shows a lot of what we expect the 992 Turbo to feature, a rear wing protruding from the active aerodynamic flap of the 992 Carrera, a rear end with a diffuser and four square tailpipes, gaps in the rear bumper for additional cooling hardware, and air intakes placed on the front side of the rear fenders.

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And while the difference is subtle, the 992 Turbo also has wider rear haunches than the 992 Carrera models, which already boast wider posteriors like the older all-wheel-drive 911s did. While it's not yet clear what engine Porsche will use for the 992 Turbo, the current model's 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged flat-six is likely going to be replaced with another turbocharged unit (for name's sake if anything) that'll feature more power, cleaner emissions, and hybrid compatibility for 911 Turbo S e-hybrid models.

That's to Porsche's tradition of repeating excellence, we can be sure the upcoming 992 911 Turbo will still be a dream car worthy of being plastered on bedroom walls.