Check Out The Advanced Aerodynamics Of The Audi e-tron S

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The innovations keep on coming.

Audi is diving headfirst into the electric vehicle market, with a lot of new models on the way. Volkswagen's upcoming ID.4 will benefit from this commitment too, and other models will surely see a trickle-down effect later on. These new electric e-tron models are likely to take the world by storm, with a Q4 version promised to be more affordable than the Tesla Model Y. Now, Audi has informed us that the upcoming e-tron Sportback and its hotter S sibling will be among the most aerodynamic vehicles in the world. The benefits of good aerodynamics on a vehicle with limited range cannot be understated, so it's no surprise that some of the advancements are patented.

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One such innovation is the inclusion of new trims around the wheel arches with vents in them. These trims route air around the wheels and arches and, along with the sloping roofline and a subtle rear spoiler, the drag coefficient of the e-tron S is just 0.26. These trims add 0.9 inches of width on either side of the car compared to the regular model, which has a drag coefficient of 0.28. In addition, the 20-inch wheels and the very tires that they are wrapped in have been optimized to make the most of this design feature, doing as little as possible to disturb airflow.

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There will also be an adjustable cool-air inlet at the front of the car that can open and close depending on the requirements of the climate control system. Meanwhile, the e-tron S will take cues from supercars and purpose-built racecars by incorporating underfloor spoilers that cleverly reroute the air around the vehicle to improve flow, while standard air suspension will lower the S by up to an inch when traveling at high speeds.

Other exciting innovations, like digital cameras on the wings instead of mirrors, are also expected to reach the production version. This is shaping up to be one of the coolest electric vehicles yet.


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