Check Out The Aston Martin Valkyrie Interior In This Leaked Footage

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Who needs cup holders?

Last week we caught a glimpse of a production ready Aston Martin Valkyrie on Twitter, taken at a private viewing for customers. While official details and additional images are still being kept under wraps, someone (a future owner?) with direct access to the car used their smartphone wisely and took footage of the interior and exterior. Then, of course, uploaded it to YouTube. We admit the footage is a bit grainy, but the Valkyrie's F1 influences are clearly evident throughout.

Notice the racing inspired steering wheels along with some digital displays that will likely show the driver relevant track information. The two seats are also situated very close to one another, and each will be molded to the driver's body, which is also done for Ferrari LaFerrari and Ford GT buyers. It's that type of exclusive club.

What we do know is that power will come from a naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 with around 900 hp, courtesy of Cosworth. It's said to make 4,000 lbs of downforce without a rear wing. Developed in partnership with Red Bull F1, top speed will be around 250 mph and can make the 0-200 mph sprint in just 10 seconds. Only 175 examples will be built, 25 of which are track-only. Not at all surprisingly, every single one has already been sold at a cost of around $3.2 million.

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