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The 992-generation is coming...

Over the past couple of weeks, an abundance of spy shots of the 992-generation Porsche 911 has come in thanks to our photographers. The 911s in question are final stage pre-production models wearing little to no camouflage. What you see is, more or less, the all-new 911, due to be unveiled in the very near future (our guess is at LA in November).

But today our photographers snapped some images of a different pre-production 911 getting some outdoor exercise on a nice sunny day at the Nurburgring. What makes this particular 911 test car stand out? A deployed rear spoiler. This is not the next 911 Turbo or any of the other 911 GTs, but rather a regular Carrera / Carrera S.

Yes, this means that ridiculously awesome rear spoiler comes in even the most "base" 911 variants. And just look at it. It's awesome. It means business. We love the way it seemingly folds down into place and becomes a natural extension of the rear roofline. During times of serious track action, the spoiler rises, literally, to the occasion.

We've known for some time Porsche had engineered this marvel thanks to past spy shots, but never before now have we seen the final product. It looks brilliant when deployed from all angles, but we especially like the front three-quarter shot.

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There's the natural elegance of the car's lines and then boom! Your eyes are treated to a solid hint of the car's serious performance capabilities. Speaking of which, the current generation of turbocharged flat-six engines found in the 991.2 will be carried-over but will receive numerous upgrades and increase output.

We've been told the Carrera will have 395 hp and the Carrera S will have 444 hp. Rear- and all-wheel drive will once again be offered. Word also has it the new dual-clutch transmission will sport eight gears instead of the current seven.

In the not too distant future, a hybrid 911 will appear, likely to be powered by a mix of a 3.0-liter flat-six with an e-motor and battery pack. What about an all-electric 911? Don't hold your breath because it's still several years away. But for now, enjoy these latest spy shots and we'll keep you posted once we learn more regarding an official reveal date.

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