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CarBuzz is bringing you all of the best commercials from the automotive industry early for the Super Bowl.

According to a report by Nielsen TV ratings, the automotive industry spends the most money on commercials for the Super Bowl. All of the biggest brands bring out the celebs and stunts to try and garner the biggest buzz possible during the most affluent sporting event of the U.S. calendar. Beer commercials follow automotive commercials in a distant second, as the former has spent $126.9 million since 2007 on advertisements while the latter has dropped a serious $172.2 million.

First up is Acura, who are promoting the NSX. Jerry Seinfeld and renowned car enthusiast Jay Leno both vie for the first NSX and the commercial features some wild stunts performed by Seinfeld until Leno swoops in at the end and snags the keys with his jetpack. Check out "Transactions" below.

Chevrolet is still trying to salvage the Volt's reputation as a non-spontaneously combustible efficient hybrid with their humorous take on a homeowner dealing with some pesky aliens. Check out the "Aliens" commercial below.

Kia is playing all their chips in one hand with their mega-budget commercial for the 2012 Optima. Starring Adrianna Lima, Motley Crue and Chuck Liddell, the 'ultimate guy's commercial' is a rock masterpiece sure to 'kick-start your heart.' Check out "A Dream Car. For Real."

The 2012 Toyota Camry is reinvented. Toyota wants to hammer home that point by showing you the 'reinvented couch (the CarBuzz team's favorite), the reinvented police officer, the reinvented baby, etc.' Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long" sets this commercial apart from others. Not sure if that's a good thing.

What can we say about the Cadillac ATS that we haven't already? Born and bred on the rough and rugged Nurburgring, the American automaker shows the BMW 3-Series rival tear up the Green Hell and look good doing it. Check out "Green Hell" below.

The 2013 Lexus GS is a beast that cannot be contained. Well, maybe that's a little bit of a hyperbole but still, the GS is a great looking car that the Japanese automaker has high hopes for. It breaks out of its enclosure and should do the same in HD while you're watching the big game.

The new Honda Civic started as a small spark and now it's a car. Well, that's Honda's story anyways and they are sticking to it. Apparently there were challenges and hurdles along the way but the new Civic has finally arrived. See the spark for yourself as it makes its way into the new Honda Civic.

Volkswagen has made a habit of going big for Super Bowls. Last year's "Star Wars" themed commercial was a huge hit and this year they are going with a fat dog who gets himself into shape so he can run after a Beetle. Cut to the canteen where Darth Vader shows up again, does his hand-choke with the force move and exits quietly.

And that's it, the best ads for the 2012 edition of the Super Bowl. Will Eli prove elite and lead the New York Giants to another Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots, or will Giselle's call for prayer for Tom Brady be enough to get the Michigan alum another ring? Tune in Sunday night, February 5th, to see all the action go down both on and off the field.

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