Check Out The BMW Concept iX3's New Rat-Toothed Grille

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BMW combines the kidneys to questionable effect.

The 2018 Beijing Auto Show is primed to be a bastion of electric-vehicle reveals as China cranks up pressure on automakers to transition their vehicle fleets to electric propulsion. BMW, in kind, will answer that call with an all-electric version of the BMW X3 SUV, dubbed Concept iX3, and it will go well beyond just sticking an electric drivetrain in the gas-powered model. In a tweet late last week, BMW gave us our first look at the Concept iX3's grille-and it's... well... kind of rodent-like.

In a video posted on Twitter, you can see the dual kidney grilles transform. Designers have decided to take a section out of the separator that splits the two grilles, effectively turning it into one larger opening that looks to have rat's teeth. A more kind comparison may be Kia's tiger nose grille, though BMW has given the indents a much more prominent emphasis. BMW released another teaser video today showing the Concept iX3's wheel design. Instead of being open and allowing a look into the vehicle's hub parts, the electric utility wears a completely covered wheel that may use plastic inserts. The highly geometric design screams, "I'm an electric vehicle! Hear me whirr!"

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We've caught BMW testing the iX3 in public in the past, but then it wore the conventional sheet metal of the gasoline-powered X3. BMW will likely give its newest electric vehicle production styling that splits the difference between the wild, forthcoming concept and the current production X3. We'll find out exactly what BMW has in store when it reveals the Concept iX3 at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show, which begins this week.

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