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Check Out The C8 Corvette’s Digital Gauge Cluster

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Is it July 18 yet?

The wait is nearly over. After a countless number of teasers, leaks, spy shots, and videos, the highly anticipated C8 Corvette will finally break cover in just a few weeks on July 18. Between now and then, we're expecting Chevrolet to release some teasers of the new mid-engine sports car. However, yet another spy video has emerged online, this time showing a pair of C8 Corvette prototype stopping for gas.

Seizing the opportunity, YouTube channel CarSpotter QVS managed to get up close to the new mid-engine Corvette. This isn't the first time someone has filmed a parked C8 Corvette, but unlike the last one this video was shot in the daylight, giving us a clearer look at the mid-engined monster. We also get a first look inside the interior.

Like every C8 Corvette that has been spotted in recent months, the prototype is still masked in heavy camouflage. In fact, this is the same camouflage Chevrolet has been using in official teaser photos. Luckily for us, the driver left the window down, allowing the YouTuber to film inside the cabin. Unsurprisingly, most of the interior is still covered up, but we get a good look at the C8 Corvette's sports seats and large digital gauge cluster.

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Two display settings are shown. The first appears to be more driver-focused, with an emphasis on what gear the car is in and a tachometer positioned at the top of the screen. The other display setting adopts a more traditional layout, with a round tachometer in the center. Other details on display include a tire pressure monitoring system and engine oil temperature.

While we don't get to see the C8 Corvette tear up the track, we do at least get to hear its glorious naturally aspirated V8 as it roars away, which sounds suitably aggressive. What you're hearing is likely to be an updated version of the current 6.2-liter LT1 V8, which is expected to have around 500 hp on tap. July 18 really can't come soon enough.