Check Out The Cadillac Escala From The Champagne-Fueled Reveal We Attended

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Pebble Beach is awesome.

What you're looking at will hopefully become the next Cadillac flagship. The Escala Concept, revealed in the flesh for the first time here at Pebble Beach, is a stunning preview of what's coming from America's luxury brand. And we were on hand to snap a ton of photos. There's very little about the Escala we don't like, to be perfectly honest. Notably, the massive 22-inch wheels, horizontal headlights, and liftback silhouette. Ok, the 22-inch wheels are probably concept only, but the rest is all very production possible.

The Escala, to our eyes, takes the styling chances Cadillac didn't do for whatever reason(s) with the CT6. Powered by a new 4.2-liter twin-turbo V8, it's very clear Cadillac has performance in mind as well as ultimate comfort, especially for rear seat passengers. And check out that steering wheel! It reminds us of the steering wheels found on those big Caddies of yesteryear. So stay a while and check out these live photos of the Escala.

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