Check Out The Crazy Technology Of The 2021 Mercedes S-Class

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The new S-Class has around the same computing power as 60 average vehicles.

After months of spy shots, leaks, and teasers, the all-new 2021 Mercedes S-Class is finally here, offering new levels of automotive luxury and futuristic technology such as an augmented reality head-up display and a smart AI voice assistant. Like its predecessor, the next-generation Mercedes MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) system runs on high-performance Nvidia GPUs delivering instantaneous AI processing and sharp graphics. In a new video released by Nvidia, the company's founder and CEO Jensen Huang takes a tour of the new Mercedes new flagship sedan's advanced technology.

"Mercedes-Benz is a perfect match for Nvidia because our mission is to use AI to solve problems no ordinary computers can," said Huang.

Central Console Mercedes-Benz
Dashboard Mercedes-Benz

"The technology in this car is remarkable. For decades, the magic moment in car manufacturing was when the chassis received its engine. Today, there's another magic moment that is incredibly important - the 'marriage' of the car's body and its brain - the all-new head unit with the next-level MBUX-system." According to Nvidia, the new S-Class has around the same computing power as 60 average vehicles, with three powerful computer chips featuring Nvidia GPUs each controlling the 3D cluster, infotainment, and rear-seat displays.

Up to five large screens are available, including a 12.8-inch central infotainment screen with OLED technology, 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster with optional 3D graphics, two rear screens, and an MBUX tablet.

Front Seats Mercedes-Benz
Infotainment System Mercedes-Benz

Fingerprint, face and voice recognition provides more security along with a PIN to access personal features. Cameras can also detect if a passenger is about to exit into oncoming traffic and warn them before they open the door, as well as monitor if a child seat is correctly attached and if the driver is paying attention to the road.

Thanks to its advanced AI voice assistant, the system can have more conversations, answer a wider range of conversations, and interact in 27 languages. According to Nvidia, this futuristic technology was made possible by over 30 million lines of code written by hundreds of engineers.

Front View Driving Mercedes-Benz
Rear View Mercedes-Benz
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