Check Out The First Full-Length Trailer For Cars 3 (And A Lifesize McQueen)

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Who else is pumped for Disney-Pixar's Cars 3?

With its grittier tone and new cast of characters, we're getting pumped about Disney-Pixar's Cars 3. The series may not be everyone's favorite from the animation firm, but the third film is already looking better than its predecessor – mainly due to the lack of Mater, the bumbling, comic relief character who is the Pixar equivalent to Jar Jar Binks. In the first Cars 3 teaser trailer, we saw the rebellious racecar and lead character Lightning McQueen get caught up in a devastating accident which almost put him out of racing for good.

More recently, we were introduced to McQueen's new rival Jackson Storm representing the current wave of hybrid hypercars infiltrating the auto industry. Now we finally have the first full length trailer which ties everything together. If anything, it looks as if Cars 3 will flesh out the character of McQueen.

It's been over a decade since the first Cars film, and the auto industry has evolved rapidly in that time. This is reflected in Cars 3 with the rise of hi-tech hybrid racer Jackson Storm. Coupled with the crash which leaves him requiring restoration, McQueen struggles to stay relevant, causing him to contemplate retirement. But because this is a Disney movie, you know that's not going to happen – McQueen will no doubt face his demons and race another day. The animation looks as crisp and vibrant as ever, but that's nothing new for a Pixar movie. As with the previous Cars films, this third installment looks to appeal to kids while also resonating with adult car lovers. We can't wait.

To promote the movie, which debuts in cinemas on June 16 2017, a life-size replica of McQueen was rolled out on display at this year's Detroit Auto Show. As you will see, he was more than happy to pose for our photoshoot.

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