Check Out The Guts Of The 1,000 HP Mercedes-AMG Hypercar

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The closest thing you'll get to a street-legal F1 car.

Here's what we already knew: the upcoming Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar will produce more than 1,000 hp from a plug-in hybrid system paired to a 1.6-liter gasoline V6 with four electric motors (that's five motors in total!). And now Mercedes-AMG has released a Project One teaser image showing what's happening underneath the skin, specifically the drivetrain and suspension. Essentially, it's the closest thing to a street-legal Formula 1 car.

The mid-mounted V6 features a large air intake on top, while the lithium-ion battery is placed low and flat behind the front axle. In between the battery and engine are F1-dervied electronic components. In fact, Mercedes-AMG says these components, and overall design and tech, specifically come from its 2015 F1 car. Another example of this is how the turbocharger is split in two, as each half is located on either side of the engine block. The entire drivetrain weighs just 925 pounds, but we'll have to wait longer to know the total weight once the body, interior and everything else are in place. Best guess at the moment: less than 2,900 pounds.

Just 275 examples will be built and all of which, not surprisingly, are sold out. Customer deliveries will be completed by 2020, and yes, the Project One will be street legal (except for China). We're also told prototypes will soon begin testing, so be on the lookout for spy videos and images. If all goes to plan, the Mercedes-AMG Project One will debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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