Check Out The Lamborghini Sian Roadster On The Move

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The supercar was spotted roaming around Italy.

Even in Lamborghini's world of outrageous supercar design and screaming powerplants, the new Sian Roadster stands out. It was revealed recently with its 819-horsepower output from its hybrid powertrain, but its brash styling is likely to get your attention long before anything else.

This was the impression gleaned from Lamborghini's press photos, but it turns out that the Sian Roadster looks just as spectacular in the real world. Thanks to Autogespot on Instagram, we can have a look at some of the first images of the Lambo on the road, along with a short video.

Just to drive home the point that this is one of the nuttiest Lamborghinis ever, it was pictured alongside a plain Jane Ford Fiesta, and rarely has the hatchback looked so demure. There are many details to take in with this car, such as the extensive use of carbon fiber on the body, the bronze-colored wheels on this example, and the aerial view's periscope line that harks back to the classic Countach.

The cockpit seen here is trimmed in light-colored upholstery with plenty of blue stitching and carbon fiber. In the video, it looks even more alien, with plenty of sharp edges and striking details like the individual rear light clusters and the high-mounted dual exhaust outlets. Its considerable width is clear to see.


Unfortunately, the clip doesn't give us a good impression of the 6.5-liter V12 engine's sound as it was filmed at little above idle speed, but anyone who has ever heard a Lambo V12 at full cry knows that there is nothing else quite like it.

With the help of a 48-volt e-motor, the Sian Roadster will make it to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 217 mph. On electric power alone, the Lambo will be able to execute less demanding tasks like reversing and parking, although we can't see the fun in that. Of the 19 Sian Roadsters that will be made, every single one is already sold out.


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