Check Out The Mazda MX-5 Miata's Removable Carbon Fiber Hardtop


Meanwhile, the new Mazda3 gets a body kit at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon.

Think of the Tokyo Auto Salon as Japan's version of SEMA. That means plenty of interesting aftermarket and OEM accessories for some of the coolest Japanese cars out there. Including those from Mazda. First up is an MX-5 Miata with a carbon-fiber removable hardtop. Yes, there is the Miata RF, but its hardtop is far more complex with its folding mechanism, as opposed to this single-piece unit. You may also recall that Mazda does offer a hardtop already, but it's for the racing-spec Miata only.

Mazda calls this Miata the Roadster Drop-Head Coupe concept, with the hardtop increasing rigidity.


The roadster also gains a front spoiler, side skirts, front tow hook, and unique 16-inch wheels. Inside are Recaro seats and aluminum pedals. Mazda also managed to boost performance somewhat thanks to a new flywheel, limited slip differential, and a high-performance air filter.

The just revealed, all-new Mazda3 hatchback was also a subject for this show with the display car featuring an aerodynamic body kit that includes a front splitter, extended side skirts and gloss black rear bumper. There's also a set of 18-inch BBS wheels. The interior receives sport pedals and unique floor mats. Mazda will also display customized versions of the CX-5 and CX-8 crossovers. Wait. Hang on. There's such a thing as the CX-8?

Yes, it's really just an extended wheelbase version of the CX-5 for certain markets such as Australia and China. Both feature some slight interior and exterior styling modifications, but the CX-8, called the Custom Style, will also boast 20-inch aluminum wheels. Out of everything mentioned above, what really only interests us is the Miata's removable hard top. It'd be great if buyers everywhere could have that. The 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon will get underway starting on January 11 – just a couple of days before Detroit.

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