Check Out The Most Collectible Cars Of 2015

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Add something with wheels to your investment portfolio.

It's hard to predict which cars will become future collectibles. If it was easy then everybody would suddenly start buying them up for investment purposes. But things don't work like that and we're left with what car experts believe will increase in value and prestige over time. The classic car specialist crew of Hagerty Insurance recently came up with a 10-car list of what they believe will become the most collectible cars over time. "They all have some characteristics that are shared by the great collectible cars" of years past, stated CEO McKeel Hagerty.

Alfa Romeo

Hagerty left out the McLaren P1, Ferraris, and all other exotics because they've proven time and again their instant classic status. The following list, in alphabetical order, is limited to cars that cost less than $100,000. Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition, $69,685 BMW M4 Convertible, $73,450 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, $78,995 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, $58,295 Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack, $37,125 Mazda Miata 25th Anniversary Edition, $33,000 Mini John Cooper Works Hardtop, $24,950 Subaru WRX STI Launch Edition, $38,190 Volkswagen Golf R, $36,595

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